Compiled by: Heather Collins

As the number of women in the architecture, engineering and construction industry continues to grow, their contributions are becoming clear and undeniably beneficial for the community. Engineering Georgia’s second annual list of influential women celebrates the diversity of female leaders, policy makers and visionaries who have spent their careers changing Georgia’s landscape for the better.

Working within a significantly male-dominated field, the women on our list own their own firms, lead government departments, manage multi-million-dollar projects, develop legislation, research and create new engineering solutions and guide volunteer organizations. These influential women not only serve the industry in remarkable ways, but many of them also work to mentor and empower other female professionals in the architecture, engineering and construction world.

The women who appear on our list were recommended and reviewed by their peers, industry leaders and members of the Engineering Georgia Editorial Board. We enthusiastically celebrate the positive influence these women have made and continue to make on the transportation systems, utilities, buildings, parks, trails and communities that Georgia citizens interact with every day.


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