By Lisa R. Schoolcraft

Kennesaw State University’s (KSU) Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering and Engineering Technology is creating the next generation of Georgia’s engineers.

“We’re producing engineers who can actually do the job on the first day,” says Dr. Ian Ferguson, dean of the College of Engineering. “Part of the reason many companies are interested in our students is the fact they come ready to go.”

Roughly 70 percent of KSU engineering students stay in Georgia, building roads, robotics and bridges in their own communities.

“Why should they go anywhere else, if the companies are already here, in large metropolitan areas?” Ferguson asks. “73 percent [of graduates] stay within Georgia within one year of graduating. 68 percent are still here after five years from graduation.”

KSU’s engineering program is growing, much like the rest of the Cobb County university.

“The trends that we are seeing [for the engineering programs] match what we are seeing for the university at large,” says KSU President Dr. Pamela Whitten. “We’ve had pretty exciting growth this year.”

The freshman class enrolled at KSU for fall 2019 is close to 6,500, representing a more than 30 percent increase compared with fall 2018. Read More