How Coca-Cola’s Water Replenishment Efforts Give Back in Georgia and Across the Country

By Anna Bentley

“Water is the number one ingredient in everything that we make,” says Jon Radtke, Water Sustainability Program Director and Chief Hydrogeologist for Coca-Cola North America. “It’s at the heart of our company.”

It’s also at the heart of the company’s global sustainability efforts. In 2009, the Coca-Cola Company (Coca-Cola) announced its 2020 water sustainability goals, a set of ambitious goals touching on water efficiency, quality, reuse and replenishment. And in 2015, the company achieved its first 2020 milestone: replenishing 100 percent of the water it uses, a whole five years ahead of schedule.

What was the key to achieving that milestone so early? Strong partnerships, says Radtke, and targeted, engineered strategies for success.

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